A day at the office

“Sri Padhmam Consultancy Training (SPCT)” is assisting many organizations by providing in-depth knowledge on many subjects. It is also helping in converting the knowledge into skills, competencies and in turn business results.

SPCT strongly believes value enhancement not just profit enhancement. This is the prime reason behind the success of SPCT for the past one decade in the field of Training & Consultancy related services.


Why SPCT ?

SPCT’s another uniqueness is understanding the “hidden” needs of the clients & providing customized solutions.


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Our Process

  We Develop employees & in turn we help them to develop their Organization

Why Knowledge & Learning ?

In today’s scenario, only through competence enhancement, either individuals or the organizations can strive well and succeed. Many time competence development takes back seat because of the pre-occupation and day to day priorities.

SPCT addresses this issue by certain unique approaches such as free videos & e-Magazines, to stay connected and help the employees to focus on competence development. So far these approaches helped many organizations.


In-House Programs

Cover both Technical & Management related topics. Some of the Behavioural topics are also handled. In-house programs will help to customize & provide in-depth knowledge and practical exposure to the participants.


Out-Bound Training ( Residential )

They are very unique in terms of providing lot of experimental learning which will eventually change the way of working and also the outlook of the participants. OBTs will predominantly cover behavioural programs.


E-Learning Services

This digital mode of service gives great opportunities to many individuals who want to update their knowledge and skills but has no opportunities. Through our e-Learning platform any individual can update the knowledge anywhere at anytime. The video based modules are also developed with many practical exercises & helps the learner to apply the learning in their organization. Another important feature is that all these courses are certification courses !


Consultation Services

Our services focus towards implementation of the knowledge gained in the class room training programs into work practices. This will help to enhance the competency of the individual & help the organizations to better their business results through competent employees.